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Windows/Doors FAQ

Why should I replace my existing windows and doors?

Drafts, high energy costs, seal failure, deteriorating glazing, security concerns, high maintenance and cleaning issues are all good reasons to replace your old windows and doors. And there are other compelling reasons you may not have considered-- things like interior style and exterior curb appeal, ease of operation and most people remark on how their new windows drop neighborhood noise levels. Maybe most important: safety. In a fire, a window that’s painted shut could cost a life. Most homeowners say they wish they’d installed new windows earlier.

Why should I choose a custom fitted window or door rather than the stock sizes I can get at the home center?

If you buy windows and doors from a retailer’s inventory, you’re limited to a few standard shapes and sizes that must be filled and fitted on site. When a window or door is manufactured to your exact specifications, your options are endless—styles, colors, trim, glazing, whatever fits your needs and tastes. What’s more, it fits. Perfectly.

Will OKNA energy efficient windows and doors pay for themselves?

Any energy efficient window or door will eventually pay for itself in energy and maintenance savings, but OKNA windows and doors offer unbeatable efficiency and a value price. They’ll return your investment years earlier than the heavily advertised brands. But the fact is, the beauty and function of OKNA will win you before the first power bill arrives.

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