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DISCOVER OKNA, the top ranked replacement window at a price you won’t believe.

Okna windows are not heavily advertised, but the word is spreading. Rating agencies, like NFRC and AAMA, testing labs like Keystone and third party experts like WindowDog single out Okna windows for their extraordinary performance and value pricing.

Good, Better, Best

Like most manufacturers, Okna offers product lines they call Good, Better and Best. Do your research. Compare all the leading brands and you’ll find that Okna’s ‘Good’ out performs their ‘Best’.

Remarkably User-friendly

A window must do more than keep intruders, noise and weather out while it lets light and ventilation in. It must be easy to operate and a snap to maintain. The largest Okna double hung window slides up and down with just a finger. Each sash is counterweighted with a carefully calibrated block and tackle balance. Other manufacturers choose the balances for your window from an inventory of six. Okna inventories 88— far more likely to be perfect.

A World of Options

Okna windows offer a wide variety of shapes, styles, finishes and glazing. You can choose paint colors from a huge pallet and wood finish options worthy of a custom cabinet shop. You’re sure to find the one that fits your functional needs and architectural style.

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