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Now, there’s a proven way to accelerate the cash flow of an existing or startup home improvement business-- with no down payment. A growing number of successful companies selling windows, siding, roofing, baths have discovered that adding the right gutter protection product can generate income fast with little or no upfront investment. What’s more, the discipline, policies and strategies of this turn-key program will refine your business model, hone your salesforce and feed the rapid growth of all your product lines.

Fast Return

This product/program returns your money 12 times faster than a big-ticket customized product. Instead of waiting 12 weeks from sale to signoff, your money is banked in a week. You can generate a lead at a low-cost event on a Sunday. Close it with a healthy profit on Monday. Install it on Tuesday. Deposit the payment on Wednesday. Pay your installation sub-contractor on Thursday. And go fishing Friday.

No Hassel. No Callbacks

Miss-measurement is not a costly mistake. The installation process is fast and simple with little chance of damage to the home or the product. Once installed, the product delivers decades of trouble-free service and a lifetime bond with a happy homeowner.

Fast, Low-cost Startup

The product is easy to explain, quote and sell. Even a rookie with our training and our highly effective sales tools can close at a high rate. The product inventory is small and the equipment to install it is supplied by your subcontractor. You can be in the gutter protection business with little more than a phone call.

Booming Market

Gutter protection is a mature category. The advantages of the product are widely understood, yet the market penetration is well under 50%. Baby Boomers (with large homes, mature trees, lots of equity, an aversion to ladders) drive this growing market.

The Right Product

Of all the ways to protect a gutter, a stainless-steel mesh design has been proven by third party endorsement and a growing share-of-market to be the most effective way to eliminate gutter maintenance. The Gutter Glove product —stainless steel mesh on an aluminum frame—has been ranked by Consumer’s Report as the best in the gutter protection category. Considered side by side, at a home show or at a kitchen table, Gutter Glove beats the heavily advertised competitors hands down.

The Right Program

Atlanta-based Bradley Home Services, offering windows, baths and gutter protection, has emerged as the sales leader among Gutter Glove’s 200 plus dealers and is posting record growth among dealers of their window and bath brands. BHS has assembled a team of leaders in home improvement—marketing, sales, production, recruiting and management. This team will share their materials and insights with dealers in protected territories who seek to realize the rapid gains offered by the Gutter Glove product and the BHS proven program.

The Right Deal

If your existing business or start up is cash-strapped, you’ve got little to spare to introduce a new product line. But the immediate benefits of offering the top-ranked gutter protection is undeniable. We’ll supply the turn-key package: website content, videos, sales kits, pitch book, event displays, sales process and paperwork, sales training, marketing strategies, pay plan for sales reps and installers. If you are capable and commit to dominating your market, we ask for no payment upfront for our program. Our compensation comes when you collect on a job. We will not make a dime until you do.

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