Ignore them and your new ‘maintenance-free’ gutters could invite trouble.

Only GutterGlove eliminates all of these perils and is truly maintenance-free.

1. Overshoot

In heavy rain, fast moving roof runoff can skip over the gutter and the cover to rot window sills, erode walks and foundations and kill plantings. (GutterGlove handles rainfall up to 150 inches per hour with no overshoot. For example, hurricane Katrina delivered only 15 inches per hour

2. Debris buildup

Small elements of debris can enter the gutter through or around the cover and, over time, build a mat of mulch in the bottom of the gutter—difficult to remove and a fertile bed for smaller seeds to take hold. Particles small enough to pass through the GutteGlove mesh are quickly flushed away.

3. Vulnerable installation

Sheet metal covers are easily damaged by a falling limb or wayward ladder. Expanded screens collapse under debris load, fine mesh is easily pierced and a vinyl substrate warps and dissolves in the sun. Gutter Glove is strong enough to drive an SUV over it without damage.

4. Impossible to repair

Should a seamless sheet metal system suffer any damage, the result is unsightly and the entire run must be replaced by a crew with a roll-form truck. If a gutter protected by GutterGlove should suffer catastrophic damage, the GutterGlove 5’ panels can be recovered and installed over the replacement gutters.

5. Debris above the cover

Covers that install below the roof edge can provide a flat surface where debris can collect and hold moisture against the vulnerable wood fascia. GutterGlove is installed as an extension of the roof line. The fascia is protected.

6. Forced to replace a serviceable gutter

Some gutter protection systems require that the gutter in place—though virtually new, must be removed before the new gutter with cover can be installed. GutterGlove may be installed over an existing gutter that will last far longer protected and supported by the cover.

7. Invitation to pests

Open, recurved systems offer a sanctuary to insects, birds, rodents and snakes—vermin that can enter your attic and destroy your home and peace of mind. A GutterGlove installation seals the gutter and fascia entirely. The mesh is fine enough to exclude the smallest mosquito.