When was the last time you thought about your gutters? If you're like most homeowners, you might plan to clean them out from time to time, but do you really give your gutter system the time and attention it needs to work properly?

Clean Gutters Keep Your Home Safer

Your home's gutters are far more critical than you might realize. A high-quality gutter system can keep your entire home safe and protected from several issues by eliminating potential moisture damage.

Clean gutters work to:

  • Keep Water Away from Your Foundation: When your gutters are working correctly, they collect water as it rolls off your roof and diverts it safely away from the base of your home through a series of downspouts. This prevents water from pooling around your foundation, which over time could badly damage your home.
  • Protect Your Roof: By guiding excess water off the main surfaces of your roof, your gutters also protect your roof from potential damage. When water is allowed to collect or pool on your roofing surfaces, it can quickly damage your shingles or rot the plywood decking that makes up the base of your roof.
  • Protect Your Landscaping: Clean gutters ensure that your plants aren't receiving too much water, which helps them stay healthier for longer.
  • Prevent Damage to Your Siding: By catching and then controlling the flow of the water as it leaves your roof, you can prevent rainwater from damaging or staining your siding.

Your gutter system works hard day after day to divert water away from your home, protecting your roof and your foundation. But over time, debris can collect, fill, and even block parts of your gutter system, making it less effective at adequately protecting your home.

While gutter maintenance may not always seem like a high-priority chore, one of the biggest threats to the structural integrity of your home is water or moisture. Most of the building materials that make up your home are highly vulnerable to water damage. When your gutter system is not working correctly, your roof is at risk of premature decay, but the rest of your home is also at increased risk. 

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, many homeowners neglect this essential part of their home's routine maintenance. Climbing up on a ladder and spending hours on end cleaning leaves and other mucky substances from the various parts of your home's gutter system isn't how most homeowners want to spend their free time.

However, homeowners have several options that allow them to keep their gutters clean and working normally. These include:

  • DIY Cleaning Routines: Keeping your gutter system clean on your own can save you money because you're doing the work yourself. However, regularly climbing a ladder or getting on the roof to clean your gutters puts your personal safety at risk.
  • Hire Professional Help: While many homeowners find that hiring a professional to clean their gutters is a helpful option, you might find yourself spending a considerable amount of money since this type of maintenance might be required multiple times every year.
  • Install Gutter Guards or Covered Gutters: Over time, covered gutters can save most homeowners both time and money. Since gutter guards typically prevent debris or dirt from building up inside your gutters, they need to be cleaned far less often.

Let Gutter Gard South Make Your Gutters Maintenance Free

With our high-quality, maintenance-free gutter systems, there is no need to ever go on your roof to clean your gutters. We can help you keep your home fully protected from everything nature throws at your Atlanta home.

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